Collinsville Family Dentistry 1310 W. Main St., COLLINSVILLE, OKLAHOMA
How Are We Different?

How We Differ:

Many dental offices have become very large corporations with many locations and ever changing doctors. Dr Bowler has chosen to keep her office small so she can treat you as a person, not just a procedure. We don't use any high pressure sales or guilt trips. We will however, give you All your options and facts so you can choose the treatment that is right for your smile and your wallet.


Even though we are a small town office, we provide exceptional treatment using the latest technology. We Use:

  • Digital X-Rays
    • Use 90% less rediation than traditional films.
    • Provides very detailed images
    • Less waiting time
  • Soft Tissue Dental Laser
    • Provides quick precise soft tissue surgery without having to use a scalpel
  • Soft Tissue Dental Laser
    • Also can be used to treat fever blisters and cold sores to greatly reduce their healing time.
  • Electric Drills for lower noies, and less chatter
  • Sopro LIFE Intraoral Camera
    • Fluorescent camera that detects cavities so we don't always have to rely on the dental explorer. This camera allows us to take pictures, so we can let you see what we are seeing. This also helps the insurance approval, as they say; a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • Comfort Control Syringe
    • We use this on the kids and high anxiety patients. It is a computer regulated anesthetic delivery system that increases patient comfort.
Dr. Melissa Bowler, DDS -- (918) 371-3774